House Cleaning Day *ugh*  

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Do the dishes, do the laundry, sweep and mop, clean mouse tubs, clean the bathroom, etc. Let me just say right now, I detest doing housework. I have never minded helping someone else clean THEIR house, but cleaning mine, heh, I consider it a chore worse than having my teeth pulled (with no anesthesia). However, I'm OCD and can't stand a mess. I'm also ADD and find myself straying from the task at hand quite often. (I just can't win.)

The dishes are the thing I hate the most. I've never liked doing dishes and I long for a dishwasher, but living in a camper provides very little room for one. Around here, I AM the dishwasher, as well as the dish dryer and the dish putter upper (Yep, it's a word cause I made it one. LOL)

My favorite cleaning task would have to be cleaning out my various tubs and tanks. I breed and raise mice and I also have a Ball Python. Cleaning their tubs and tanks give me more time to spend with them so I don't necessarily see it as a chore.

Music. I. Must. Have. Music. If it is quiet in the house, nothing is gonna get done. And I will listen to anything, although my cleaning playlist consists mostly of Alternative Rock. For some reason, A7X, Slipknot, Incubus, Theory of a Dead Man, etc. gets me through the cleaning with more ease than say country or classical. Wanna see what I listen to? You can find my playlists on Spotify. (If you have Spotify you can actually listen to and.or subscribe to my playlists. The My Music playlist is a collaborative playlist, so if you know of a song that you think I might like based on what is already there, feel free to add it.) Or you can see what I've listened to last on

So what I wanna know is:

  • What's your least favorite housework duty? Why?

  • What's your favorite? Why?

  • Do you have to have music to clean?

  • What kind of music?

  • And so now I suppose I need to stop procrastinating (procrastination by blog LOL) and get to cleaning. Leave me a comment and answer the questions I listed above if you want. I never turn down comments. :D They give me even more reason to procrastinate and one can never have enough of those. :D

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